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When you get pregnant, it is important to monitor the health of you and your baby regularly and have a midwife to help and take care of you. Our midwives at Materna will give professional care during this special time of your life. We offer a complete range of care services to make sure the pregnancy and delivery will go smoothly and according to your needs and wishes.

Our priorities are the health of you and your baby and to make sure you are comfortable and prepared for the birth and maternity period. We focus on personal care with your wishes at the center.

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Pregnancy care Hilversum

During the pregnancy there will be several check-ups to monitor the health and growth of your baby. We will perform multiple ultrasounds and discuss any problems or questions you might have. With the ultrasounds we will check the development of your child and after 20 weeks we can find out what the sex of your baby is. If there are any complications or abnormalities we will also be able to see this with the ultrasounds. Together we will discuss what the options are and if future research is necessary.

We can also discuss any questions about nutrition or pregnancy symptoms you might have. If you have any worries or questions about your pregnancy, feel free to contact us. If you would like to discuss your pregnancy and experiences with fellow pregnant women, you can sign up for our Centering Pregnancy program. This program consists of ten meetings where you can talk to other pregnant women about your experiences. You will also have individual contact with your obstetrician. It’s an ideal way to get extra support and care.

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Help before and during childbirth

Near the end of the pregnancy we will start to discuss your wishes for the birth of your child. Perhaps you would like to give birth at home, but we also work with several hospitals in the area: Tergooi Ziekenhuizen Locatie Blaricum, Meander Medisch Centrum in Amersfoort and Diakonessenhuis/Geboortehuis in Utrecht. When you decide to give birth in one of these hospitals, your midwife will go with you.

During the preparation for the delivery you can also fill in a birthing plan where you write down all your expectations and wishes for the birth. This way, the midwife and gynaecologist know what your wishes are so they can adapt their protocols.

Childbirth is unfortunately not without pain. When we discuss your expectations and wishes for the birth, we will also talk about the different options for pain relievers. Your body will make hormones to kill the pain and with different Lamaze classes you can learn how to relax and in which positions you will experience the least amount of pain. But there are also medical options to relieve the pain which we will also discuss.

Why you should choose Materna:

  • 10+ years of experience
  • Professional care with personal attention
  • Your wishes and preferences at the center
  • Complete maternity care, always with your own midwife

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Maternity care Materna Hilversum

After the birth, our midwives will also be there to help during the first week of the maternity. During this week we will help take care of the baby and make sure your recovery goes well. We will monitor the health and development of your baby and answer any questions you might have about the care for your child. We can also help with breastfeeding if necessary, as all our midwives are trained as lactation consultants. 

After the first week, the care of your child will be transferred to your general practitioner and consultation office. After 6 weeks we invite you over for a follow-up appointment where we can discuss your pregnancy and birth experiences. We will also check your recovery and answer questions you might have.

Birth control

Materna Verloskundigen also offers help with birth control. We can give advice on the different types of birth control and which one is most suitable for you and your personal wishes and preferences. We can prescribe the pill for example, but we can also place or remove an Intra Uterine Device (IUD).

Midwife near me

At Materna Verloskundigen in Hilversum you can find a midwife that will take care of you and your baby. During your whole pregnancy and maternity you will have the same midwife who will give professional help and care to make sure you’re healthy and comfortable.

Together we will make sure the pregnancy will go smoothly and you’re ready for birth and maternity. Sign up for an appointment and we are happy to discuss the care and guidance you will need.

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    Truly a top team! There is a lot of understanding, patience and enthusiasm! Feels like a warm bath! Both in the unpleasant situations (miscarriages) and in the fun situations (now 22 weeks pregnant) we feel heard and helped!



    What a great practice! All 4 ladies helped me a lot during my first pregnancy! Nice and personal contact which I found very important in this exciting but fun phase in my life.